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AgneseAgnese Zalcmane (29). While others cannot decide which side of the world to go, Agnese’s destinations are mainly determined by nature. She will not be stopped nor by the sun and heat, such as when driving a UAZ through Kazakhstan deserts or by snow and frost, such as when watching the northern lights in the north of Norway. This won’t be the first , and there is a reasonable suspicion that neither the last total solar eclipse what she sees. And it just seems that the only way to make her not to follow them, is to make sure there is a a constant total solar eclipse at her residence.
Her major fear is to do something alone, also her main hobbies are group activities: dances, choir, skiing and board games. Therefore, she is not troubled to organize trips herself. In doing so, she is assiduous and principled – a perfect option for lazy travelers since they won’t need to worry on the order of things themselves. If she has to travel alone , she will choose to hitch-hike, and someone probably without realizing it, will become her travel companion ..
AndersAnders Sköld (37). Anders is a curious person, he is interested in nature, birds and animals. He could observe some animal from a hideout for hours or explore some process of nature with an astounding patience. Sometimes it is hard for Anders to make decisions if that needs to be very quick. He can be hesitant, but definitely circumspect – he will first of all determine, how to do it, and only then will do something. Anders is very kind and responsive, he could give up the last piece of bread for his friend to be fed.
ArtisArtis Spūlis (24). Born and grown up in the remarkable parish of Latgale (region of Latvia) – Nīcgale. In his heart and soul Artis is a countryside lad, a lover of nature. He is a keen walker in woods during summer, likes to pick wild mushrooms (as do most of Latvians) and of course to taste them as well. When there are no mushrooms, he heartily spends time with a good book. While reading a book he tends to look to the stars and explore them. He is excited about complex matters, sometimes too complex, but in any case it is for the good. In general cheerful and clever guy.
IlgonisIlgonis Vilks (52). Ilgonis is keen on watching skies since an early age and nothing has prevented him during his life to make it into his profession. As an astronomer, he is inevitably hunting for sky phenomena, including Solar eclipses, regardless of whether they happen in Australia, Hungary, or as this time, in Africa. Africa is an unexplored and unexperienced continent so far apart from its far northern side – Egypt.
In parallel to his work in the University of Latvia, the main part of which is educating others as a lecturer or textbook author, Ilgonis is keen on traveling, exploring foreign cultures and their cuisines, as well as photography. He is collecting sceneries and stones from both distant lands and local objects. Another characteristic – Ilgonis is regularly watching the erudition shows on TV which he has not only once participated in himself.
His decent experience makes him an excellent companion both abroad and when looking for the right path, both in socializing and telling jokes and after all also when watching the Solar eclipse.
IlvaIlva Cinīte (43). Ilva has an ability to successfully interact with people around and to successfully find compromises in the negotiations on the goals and objectives. In summer she enjoys traveling in Latvia and does it preferably by bike. She looks in detail when thinking about both the nearest and the distant future. But sometimes she delves into nowhere and nothing :) and is just enjoying…
InāraInāra Grabovska (68). Vitolds and Ināra know each other since long time ago – they studied together in high school and university. Ināra is one of those people who will respond any time if some help is needed. She is very communicable, interested in different kinds of music – serious one, jazz, blues. She readily tries to find out about the newest in literature and politics. Ināra likes to travel – both to South and to North. Her hobby is her garden which she has groomed very beautifully.
Ināra is a very good granny, always takes care for grandchildren, lives up to their joys and sorrows. She also likes dogs very much.
RūdolfsRūdolfs Druva (27). In short – Rudis – enjoyer of life, very sincere and helpful. Always ready to help in case his help is needed and also ready to participate in activities which are exciting and interesting. He is hearing-impaired since the birth – might check whether has heard correctly what was told so there wouldn’t be misunderstandings in the conversation and so that it would be on the same page. He enjoys playing all kinds of board/mind games in a nice company. He also is an active cache-hunter – GeoCaching activist not only within Latvia boundaries but also when participating in events abroad. He is an active bicycle rider and practices rock climbing. He strives to not live a uniform life, tries out many new things. He participates in traveling and getting known with various continents.
VitoldsVitolds Grabovskis (68). Vitolds – a cozy and cheerful intelligent, who found it too tight in the academic life frame of University of Latvia. Therefore he together with likely-minded people in Latvia created and developed a new branch of business – optometry, which merges the knowledge of physics and medicine. Vitolds is able to look at every situation from different angles. All he needs to tell is: “Hold on a moment, I don’t understand something here”, and also his conversation partner needs to re-evaluate the situation, see it in a new light. Vitolds readily works with the most talented young people of Latvia. To create a suitable information source for them, he together with his likely-minded colleagues composed a popular-scientific magazine dedicated to Natural Sciences -“Terra”. He likes the new technologies – when one meets him after a while, Vitolds will definitely display some new gadget. Besides that, he is one of the few representatives of the “not so young generation” who has his own blog: http://vitolds.blogspot.com/. He enjoys jeeps and dogs, conversations, photography and good wine that he also brews himself with good results. He will be a stable support in the expedition.

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