Contemplation before the trip

Autumn in Latvia

Autumn in Latvia

Latvian Autumn this year is particularly colorful. Autumn has dyed the trees, there are ​​a lot of explicitly sunny days and then also blue sky, makes up a nice range of colors. Latvia is nice with the fact, that here there are four distinctive seasons. Every season is special and can be truly enjoyed.

But there in the distant Kenya? Ilgonis recommended to thumb through Hemingway’s “Green hills of Africa”. I did as he said. The old boy Ernest speaks there only about beasts, shooting them and drinking whiskey. He does not tell anything in particular on the nature or the solar eclipse. Well maybe about walking through the bushes and hills to find the beasts to shoot. Walking can be expected also for us. Also the book stimulated an idea that a small bottle should be taken for medical purposes.

Much larger impression is left by a film of 1985 – “Out of Africa”, which is taken by references of Karen Blixen. Karen Blixen was fascinated by the vivid African colors and charming landscapes. It think the film might show the locations where we will go as well. So, I have a positive mood and a desire to make good pictures of the African landscapes.

I thumbed through a book Kenyan Safari by a Russian author Sergei Kuiskis, issued in 1983. Kuiskis who lived in Kenya for 6 years, provides interesting information about this country and people. He claims that the Swahili word – safari – means any kind of a trip. I thought it represents only hunting. Here’s what an obscurant I’ve been. So we will have a real safari. The book tells also about the Kenyan people. We will probably meet Maasai people on our way. It is just one of the so-called nilotic (Nile population) nationalities. They are said to be proud, tall, wearing spears and standing on one foot. At that time they did not like to be photographed. Maybe something has changed nowadays. Of course, since 1985 a lot might have changed.

Events in the Nairobi supermarket raised concerns about the safety in this country. But then I remembered the saying that a bomb doesn’t hit the same pit twice. Pondering further, I realized that such a terrorist act could probably take place also in London and New York, anywhere really. Looking from the point of view of global terrorism, we are going there in a safe time. Only the small bandits left then. I am concerned about my cork hat, colonial style, won’t the locals misinterpret.

About the comfort. The last time I slept in a tent was some 20 years ago. Therefore, I can call this safari for myself “A return to the youth”. We also have bought 2.5 cm thick mats.

It will be fine, interesting and joyful.
Nzuri safari marafiki.